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This is so rad. I think all my Christmas shopping has been completed. Store it, pimp it, flaunt it. Made by Metro North for the hipster hiding inside everyone. Great marketing. I will seriously never loose my usb stick again…now if it just had a little keychain… Advertisements

As much as i love the free world out there, I sometimes get frustrated searching. This has only even really happens with youtube. For example, I adore the video below, and I’m not sure why-perhaps TETRIS thoughts bring me back to the good ol’ days remembering that it is the best game ever, maybe? Or/both […]

sickness prevented blogging, but not mixxxing you won’t hear the electric slide in there. happy friday.

RADIOHEAD goes platinum selling over 1.2 million copies. What about the cover art for those that did participate in the revolutionary download? Voila: back Thanks to Green Plastic.

I’m a fist pumper, and this is my ode to all things good…especially Friday.   Each Friday will be brought to you by exciting buzz, and a first pump-or many. I’m so excited that I’ve started 2 days early.

As a crazy music fiend, I used to txt myself THAT song….”must remember to get mp3″… Why waste my energy? camera phone + glowing jukebox = my instant song title reminder. Lame, I know…Here’s more Technological confessions. Genius, really.

no way


yes way. How to quit facebook

Radiohead. I can’t deny my favor for Thom, and the boys. Especially their unique ways of distribution. “In Rainbows”  (album #7) will be released on the 10th and you, the consumer, name the price.

Some say dogfood, they say poutine. Zee french are proud of zee poutine. We visited Montreal (mohhhnnnn raaahhyaaallll) this weekend. Much needed, and much fun. My first whack at the gravied, cheese curd and french fry delight known as poutine was a relative success. While I’m not crazy about it, but will throw a (dog) […]

go team i’m back, and there’s nothing worse than being told it was bound to happen. i figured to jump on the social media binge, better kick start my own own ranting again. How bout Linkedin allowing individuals to add photos. ’bout time. Call me vain, but if i was in HR that would’ve been […]