googling lyrics and Japanese in tight suits


As much as i love the free world out there, I sometimes get frustrated searching. This has only even really happens with youtube. For example, I adore the video below, and I’m not sure why-perhaps TETRIS thoughts bring me back to the good ol’ days remembering that it is the best game ever, maybe? Or/both I love asians? Either way, I stumbled across this video, and just cannot find the title of the game show.

Sure, there’s like 15 different renditions of it, and I’m sure I could find the quircky title hiding in there somewher- But none of the clips to appear to have been uploaded by an individual that may’ve actually seen it in their Japanese living room, on their Japanese TV, in Japan.

Heck, I’m so frustrated I don’t even know why I care what the title of the game show was.

It reminds me of back in the day when you would hear a song, google part of the chorus, and…nothing.
Forget it now. God bless a-zlyrics and sing365, etc… they still look anicent but pop right the heck up-AND I’m sure have saved many people their sanity.


2 Responses to “googling lyrics and Japanese in tight suits”

  1. Don’t forget 0:-)

  1. 1 online games » Googling lyrics and Japanese in tight suits

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