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Few believe it will ever happen, most believe it’s inevitable. But what happens when the empire falls like its ancestor? I’m hosting/promoting an event featuring the group Purple Crush this weekend in Rochester, NY. Should be crazy times. In the meantime, I got to thinking about the myspace bands out there. You know you google […]

Fans dictating? Huh? Yes, yes oh yes. RCRD LBL, a record label destination site letting consumers dictate the content. Content is f-r-e-e (subsidized advertising). I have no doubt this will receive some abuse (the company asks that you not reuse the music for commercial purposes). But RCRD LBL is certainly a leap in this baby […]

This recent study has really got me thinking about my potential co-dependency. Am I in love? Eh, it’s turkey day tomorrow. I’ll re-examine my behavior hand in hand with a large dose of Tryptophan.

Dear Cision – What is ‘dis? But more importantly, why? I try and log in, but no. Clearly firefox is the best browser known to man. And while i’m not crazy about you to begin with, why are you off limits to anything other than explorer 6.0? Your account coordinator provided no explanation as to […]

An off beat break on how i  now roll: Today, the first day of snow outside the office window in the ADKS: Thanks Jeremy for zee great photos

In the midst of Chris Anderson’s “hey PR, get your junk together” blog topic (and the comment storm following), this comic relief (and great insight) was refreshing: This one goes out to Brian Solis’ LOL cats…Thank you kind sir. Additionally, Angie getting her guns in Wanted is fist pump worthy. Trailer.