Few believe it will ever happen, most believe it’s inevitable. But what happens when the empire falls like its ancestor?

I’m hosting/promoting an event featuring the group Purple Crush this weekend in Rochester, NY. Should be crazy times. In the meantime, I got to thinking about the myspace bands out there. You know you google ’em and immediately their myspace redirect pops up before their home page, but most likely that is their homepage. is an alternative, but it doesn’t capture the “band-to-fan” concept in the same way. I’m starting to see more of this– where the bands’ landing page is visually simplistic. Basic logo, email subscribe and redirect to the bands’ myspace.

I had/have high hopes for Virb. So, among many others we’ll use them as an example of a candidate for the next big thing…Virb is aesthetically art friendly, with bold design capabilities all while being attractive and trendy for musicians. Also, they don’t have such restrictions on the size of uploads, opposed to myspace. There are a lot of other really cool things about this network-though at this point it seems very “band-to-band” oriented.


I believe the music industry is on it by creating clever engagement and consumer participation (plus expensive fun things too). Dylan is great viral example…

What made (past tense, only because eyes have been glazing over for 12+ months ) myspace bands so cool is it filled the gap. Bands can drunkenly post a bulletin after a crazy show in Detroit for all to read. Or the fan can post a comment just hoping and praying they get a response back …It got the groupie just that much closer, and in some ways this has now become much of an expectation. What with RSS, alerts, tour stalking, word of mouthing, sms “invite only’s”, and a generation brought up on underground information and community, the music industry is, and will continue to be a step ahead.

Parties, events and campaigns now call facebook home…but should bands pony up and join up? What is next for band-to-fans?
A couple myspace-only bands:

Crystal Castles

The Black Lips


We shall see what unfolds. Any other potentially promising music networks like virb?


One Response to “BAND TO FAN”

  1. Some people don’t agree, but I believe that Facebook has ‘jumped the shark’. I almost can’t believe I’m saying it, but social networks are overrated. With good seo you don’t need to be part of a network. I hate the idea of creating and giving content to someone else. Possibly a better solution would be along the lines of Google’s OpenSocial?

    Nowadays, there really is no excuse not to be more interactive with your audience base. Technology has made it easier, cheaper, and more fun.

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