Goodbye Wikipedia? KNOL slides in



In the midst of being royally nor’eastered this weekend, we managed to do all sorts of outdoor things. It was a truly beautiful weekend in the North Country, and the perfect opportunity to unplug…

In the meantime, goodbye wikipedia: hello Knol? It seems this project’s messaging (“official sources welcomed”) is a complete 180 from the way things have gone in this arena.

Oh, and an IMDB for music is apparently in the works.

I like the concept of the site. And with the plethora of music dedicated sites already out there only focusing on one main element, (artist specific, lyric, tablature, album art, playlist/radio, label, video, etc….) the thought of bringing them together comprehensively could work. But does it sound too amazon marketplace?


I hope they don’t steer too far from the ways that make the movie database still so cool.


3 Responses to “Goodbye Wikipedia? KNOL slides in”

  1. I saw this over the weekend and got pretty excited too. Then I took a breath and got off the “Google-train”. This may be a challenge for Wikipedia, but not exactly a direct replacement. The idea of “experts” is already being done over at

    Their problem is not being Google.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that people will be taking Google’s “expert” recommendation with a grain of salt. Sort of like how I don’t even see the ads on the sidebar anymore. Of course, every “corporate-speak” expert will be forced to put some kind of song n’ dance up there, but I think people will be able to differentiate.  Much like wasting time creating content for the “networks”, I also don’t like doing it for Google.  It really is a Love-Hate.   

  2. 2 lkribs

    love/hate indeed…while we’re being told knol will be so different than wikipedia (non for profit vs. ad revenue,etc, etc), it’s hard to not feel like they’re just trying to stomp the wikipedia fire…and wikia.

    their methods of deeming who is an expert should be interesting too…
    I haven’t played with squidoo is it any good?

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