Hey GEICO, I’m not a caveman



I often get tired of reading certain blogs that just gripe and moan…and while this blog isn’t related to cars, insurance, or even customer satisfaction, this blog IS about community and information sharing. And since this situation has been rocking my world lately, I figured I’d share. Without further ado:

I recently totaled my car. Really, really, really unfortunate. I say “recently” but it’s been almost a month now, and guess what? I’m having insurance problems. There is nothing that irks me more than being blatantly ignored. Ironically enough the reviews department (actually an email “from” their vice president, John J. Geer, Jr.) had enough time to spam me and ask that I write a review on their company. So, I did- here it is:

“My time with geico overall has been poor. Here’s my story: I’ve been with geico since i was a senior in high school or so (i was probably attracted to the advertising and that it was the “new” kid on the block). Since then my experience has been mediocre, especially after being involved in a recent and scary accident i was involved in (both airbags went off, car was wrecked and emotional issues going on). The car ended up being totaled due to slipping on black ice. It was really scary. The accessor spoke with me on two occasions and was very nice. Since then I have heard little to no news on my vehicles worth, and how soon I can get things sorted out. I still have the title sitting on my desk because I don’t want to mail it to them. The single estimate that was given to me was WAY OFF, and since then I’ve called many times to see what the update and status is. Receiving no response-the whole scenario is really sobering because my position leaves me feeling like I’m being punished for an accident that happened. It shouldn’t be a fight to desire/expect a quick response and a fair figure that I can work with. Especially during the holiday season. I vouched not to rent a vehicle in hopes to make the process go quicker, now I wish I had. It’s hard having to bum rides constantly.

I would be wary of Geico in general as the prices are NOT that competitive. And if you (God forbid) happen to be in an accident, they truly are just like any other insurance company that wants to give you AS LITTLE as possible back. Finally, they do not communicate their intentions, and certainly do not have put the customer first, or their best interest. Go somewhere else, I intend to as soon as this fiasco is over.”

I’d say this experience has left me feeling like I’m dealing with cavemen. But in reality the company has simply treated me as if I’m one.

What better than an angry 80’s heavy metal band to bring things home?


2 Responses to “Hey GEICO, I’m not a caveman”

  1. I should set up a car dealership next to the Shop.

    I’ve had two claims which I’ve had to deal with, also Geico. Can say that I’ve had such a terrible story as yours. My last car was totaled on the Northway near Pottersville (Deer) a few years back. I think I was able to be in a brand new ride in about two weeks. My only problem was the $1000 deductable – ouch. Also, rental car was not included in the coverage. Good Luck.

    That video is truly one of the Monsters of Rock. I’m kind of embarrassed to say it was part of my “era”.

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