Ikea and social media



This is a great little nugget of fun social media happenings that just sort of fell into place.

Sean Scott provides more details of this spontaneity-but the long and short of it is comedian, Mark Mallkof needed a place to crash. So he contacted Ikea and asked if he could stay in one of their stores for a while, and in exchange he would document the whole thing…What did Ikea do? They said, hell yes.

The point here is: A brand recognizing an opportunity and opening its doors to an evangelist.

If you want to check in on Mark…maybe give a care package of toiletries? Here’s where to go:

NJ Transit bus line: The 163 bus leaves Port Authority in New York City from gate 224 almost every hour and goes directly to IKEA in Paramus, NJ. Make sure you verify with the driver when boarding. Buses depart IKEA back to Port Authority almost every hour. For a complete schedule go to the link below and then go to the 163 bus:
You can find out even more about Mark, here. Maybe your brand should contact him…it appears he’s done more roundabout evangelism for other hot brands.

Check out www.171starbucks.com
My attention span rarely allows me to sit through the length of this video (10+ min) –but he had me glued.


4 Responses to “Ikea and social media”

  1. I think it would have been a bit better publicity if the comedian was actually known. Right now he is making out like a fool and Ikea just has some schmuck living in their store.

  2. 2 lkribs

    Michael- hell yeah, i would’ve rather seen Steve Carrell pull that stunt, but i think ikea is just along for the ride on this one, seeing they didn’t have to do anything other than say yes. to your point, this dood is off the wall.

  3. Funny thing, one of my favorite design/home improvement sites is Ikea Hacker.  To me, that is better than this publicity stunt.  These people are not only fanatical, they are taking the Ikea product beyond the brand itself.  It’s like some kind of Frankenstein Recycling cult.

  4. 4 lkribs

    oh man. Doug, thanks for the awesome link. how have i never seen this.
    i tip my hat to thee.

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