Harder, Faster, Stronger (WOM GRRLS)



In a company meeting yesterday, our COO dropped the “harder, faster, stronger” line, and got me Daft Punk day dreamin’. So I thought I’d share this fun viral spoof of the French Dynamic Duo’s song, “Harder, Faster, Stronger”:

1.4 mil youtube “plays”:

Daft Bodies (catch it at about 2:00 in)

They received so much exposure they hopped on the #1 music social network, and have thousands of “Daft Bodies” fans.

The thing that I get the biggest kick out of are their “copy cats” (If you can’t access myspace blogs, this is worth figuring out a way to do so…). The “Copy Cats :)” post is friendly, polite and really emphasizes an “all in good fun” attitude. The commentary within I’d say is enough to make anyone “ROFL”.

With that said, being a long time fan of Daft Punk, they’re doing so many things right. What other DJ’s could entertain an arena full of people? (Apparently Justice is going try) And “Around the World” is a timeless, lifesaving dancefloor jam for 1:45AM in the world of DJ’ing.

While the “Daft Body chicks” aren’t Daft Punk’s main target audience(s), they have certainly helped in getting them on the map for those too young to remember “homework“.

Daft Punk. Another example of community, WOM, and how stuff gets “Around the World”:

Flickr photo from: André Felipe


2 Responses to “Harder, Faster, Stronger (WOM GRRLS)”

  1. Ms. Kribs another excellent post. You and i should discuss the Rave era circa 97-99 – i think we could have a good conversation.

  2. 2 nycbeat

    How those three words: “Around The World” have provided much-needed entertainment during the most inebriated moments of my life, one will never know…..

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