Brooklyn Vegan on the Amy Winehouse beat


I’ve been sitting on this link for months and months and now seemed like an opportune time. So, Amy Winehouse killed the grammy‘s, and she wasn’t even physically there. And while halloween’s been done and gone, this cracks me up enough to have it bookmarked and share on a rainy day (or a below zero day). Seriously, keep scrolling-so many Amy’s!

That post is due in thanks to Brooklyn Vegan -an exemplary blog that does a great job conversationally, since 2003. Controversial, entertaining, and reaching beyond it’s NYC/BKLYN roots. With regular contributors and guests, contests, the Vegan has an all around good sense of humor and insightful rotating content.

Stereogum is another indie music blog that gets more traffic but compares closely in linkbacks, and commenting.


One Response to “Brooklyn Vegan on the Amy Winehouse beat”

  1. 1 sertop

    cool post, thanks

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