mp3 incest


Yeasayer – Sunrise (Hey Champ Remix)

If you ain’t got nothin’ to blog, then don’t blog nothin’ at all. I’m not going to apologize for not posting more lately. I didn’t have anything inspiring, interesting or provoking to write about. My readership isn’t that intensive that one will forget, so it is what it is. That is something I’m noticing more and more. Those just posting mediocre submissions, or piggy- backing of an article blogged by all their other friends. This holds true especially in the musical blog arena. A new remix is like mp3 incest.

My new job talks of “green washing” quite a bit. As an environentally concious brand they recognize the popularity of green speak and how everyone is jumping on board to prove their brand is earth responsible. Now, it’s nothing new-barely a decent marketing tactic anymore. It’s also hard to tell those passionate about it, or who is riding the wave. 

The same can absolutely be said about the blogosphere. My writing is not the bomb, and I certainly don’t claim to know everything (in fact I’m ridiculously inquisitive)…but I do know that as they say, killer content rules.


The following is an update as to where I’ve been:

It’s been a long year, moved away then came back again. So I’m back in the fair city, that is Rochester, NY. New title, new pad, and soon to be new puppy (this weekend?). Things are good.

AND it’s fist pump Friday. I’m dj’ing tonight at chroma if you’re in the area and want to celebrate spring.


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