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SEE YA why. Living here now. Books, and micro’ing are more realistic for my lifestyle. Advertisements

I encourage all those in marketing, marcom, PR, advertising, etc to sit down and listen to this man and his presentation on “The Future of Advertising”. It’s happening now, it’s been happening…I’ve recently moved on from a company that is starting to think about exploring this arena while I’ve been shouting it from the top […]



i’ve been MIA. something big’s been brewing. i wish to go to sxsw…but what’s up my sleeve will probably not allow this year. Stay Tuned… Flickr photo: talarico

In a company meeting yesterday, our COO dropped the “harder, faster, stronger” line, and got me Daft Punk day dreamin’. So I thought I’d share this fun viral spoof of the French Dynamic Duo’s song, “Harder, Faster, Stronger”: 1.4 mil youtube “plays”: Daft Bodies (catch it at about 2:00 in) They received so much exposure […]

This is a great little nugget of fun social media happenings that just sort of fell into place. Sean Scott provides more details of this spontaneity-but the long and short of it is comedian, Mark Mallkof needed a place to crash. So he contacted Ikea and asked if he could stay in one of their […]

¬†While I hate pulling blogger speak by throwing “kool-aid” in my title, I couldn’t resist. Well, today is a festive fist pump friday. Holiday spirit alone warrants its own fist pump, but there’s a couple other exciting things going on… My last post was on poor customer service and the insurance industry. I had secretly […]

I often get tired of reading certain blogs that just gripe and moan…and while this blog isn’t related to cars, insurance, or even customer satisfaction, this blog IS about community and information sharing. And since this situation has been rocking my world lately, I figured I’d share. Without further ado: I recently totaled my car. […]

We’ve been warned by the DEC to watch the hell out. TourPro has it indepth. What a weekend!

In the midst of being royally nor’eastered this weekend, we managed to do all sorts of outdoor things. It was a truly beautiful weekend in the North Country, and the perfect opportunity to unplug… In the meantime, goodbye wikipedia: hello Knol? It seems this project’s messaging (“official sources welcomed”) is a complete 180 from the […]