We’ve been warned by the DEC to watch the hell out. TourPro has it indepth.

What a weekend!



In the midst of being royally nor’eastered this weekend, we managed to do all sorts of outdoor things. It was a truly beautiful weekend in the North Country, and the perfect opportunity to unplug…

In the meantime, goodbye wikipedia: hello Knol? It seems this project’s messaging (“official sources welcomed”) is a complete 180 from the way things have gone in this arena.

Oh, and an IMDB for music is apparently in the works.

I like the concept of the site. And with the plethora of music dedicated sites already out there only focusing on one main element, (artist specific, lyric, tablature, album art, playlist/radio, label, video, etc….) the thought of bringing them together comprehensively could work. But does it sound too amazon marketplace?


I hope they don’t steer too far from the ways that make the movie database still so cool.

the gif guru


Back in the tripod, geocities and angel fire days the GIF was where it was at. How cool were those things?
My personal favorite is the email me icon.
It seems the .gif is part of the li-fi phenomenon right now. I’m all over it.

Cyriak has put together a video marathon of his collected sweet gif animations-Youtube’s eaten this up.



So surprised this wasn’t constituted sooner!

The mission has landed-we’ll see if takes off. Thanks for the heads, Mack.




Few believe it will ever happen, most believe it’s inevitable. But what happens when the empire falls like its ancestor?

I’m hosting/promoting an event featuring the group Purple Crush this weekend in Rochester, NY. Should be crazy times. In the meantime, I got to thinking about the myspace bands out there. You know you google ’em and immediately their myspace redirect pops up before their home page, but most likely that is their homepage.

Last.fm is an alternative, but it doesn’t capture the “band-to-fan” concept in the same way. I’m starting to see more of this– where the bands’ landing page is visually simplistic. Basic logo, email subscribe and redirect to the bands’ myspace.

I had/have high hopes for Virb. So, among many others we’ll use them as an example of a candidate for the next big thing…Virb is aesthetically art friendly, with bold design capabilities all while being attractive and trendy for musicians. Also, they don’t have such restrictions on the size of uploads, opposed to myspace. There are a lot of other really cool things about this network-though at this point it seems very “band-to-band” oriented.


I believe the music industry is on it by creating clever engagement and consumer participation (plus expensive fun things too). Dylan is great viral example…

What made (past tense, only because eyes have been glazing over for 12+ months ) myspace bands so cool is it filled the gap. Bands can drunkenly post a bulletin after a crazy show in Detroit for all to read. Or the fan can post a comment just hoping and praying they get a response back …It got the groupie just that much closer, and in some ways this has now become much of an expectation. What with RSS, alerts, tour stalking, word of mouthing, sms “invite only’s”, and a generation brought up on underground information and community, the music industry is, and will continue to be a step ahead.

Parties, events and campaigns now call facebook home…but should bands pony up and join up? What is next for band-to-fans?
A couple myspace-only bands:

Crystal Castles

The Black Lips


We shall see what unfolds. Any other potentially promising music networks like virb?

Fans dictating? Huh? Yes, yes oh yes. RCRD LBL, a record label destination site letting consumers dictate the content. Content is f-r-e-e (subsidized advertising). I have no doubt this will receive some abuse (the company asks that you not reuse the music for commercial purposes). But RCRD LBL is certainly a leap in this baby step revolution.

Free to stream, download and be connected.


This recent study has really got me thinking about my potential co-dependency.

Am I in love?

Eh, it’s turkey day tomorrow. I’ll re-examine my behavior hand in hand with a large dose of Tryptophan.

Dear Cision –

What is ‘dis? But more importantly, why? I try and log in, but no.

Clearly firefox is the best browser known to man. And while i’m not crazy about you to begin with, why are you off limits to anything other than explorer 6.0?

Your account coordinator provided no explanation as to why.

Thanks again this time around.



An off beat break on how i  now roll:

Today, the first day of snow outside the office window in the ADKS:



Thanks Jeremy for zee great photos


In the midst of Chris Anderson’s “hey PR, get your junk together” blog topic (and the comment storm following), this comic relief (and great insight) was refreshing:

This one goes out to Brian Solis’ LOL cats…Thank you kind sir.

Additionally, Angie getting her guns in Wanted is fist pump worthy.