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 While I hate pulling blogger speak by throwing “kool-aid” in my title, I couldn’t resist. Well, today is a festive fist pump friday. Holiday spirit alone warrants its own fist pump, but there’s a couple other exciting things going on… My last post was on poor customer service and the insurance industry. I had secretly […]

In the midst of Chris Anderson’s “hey PR, get your junk together” blog topic (and the comment storm following), this comic relief (and great insight) was refreshing: This one goes out to Brian Solis’ LOL cats…Thank you kind sir. Additionally, Angie getting her guns in Wanted is fist pump worthy. Trailer.

I’m a fist pumper, and this is my ode to all things good…especially Friday.   Each Friday will be brought to you by exciting buzz, and a first pump-or many. I’m so excited that I’ve started 2 days early.