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This is a great little nugget of fun social media happenings that just sort of fell into place. Sean Scott provides more details of this spontaneity-but the long and short of it is comedian, Mark Mallkof needed a place to crash. So he contacted Ikea and asked if he could stay in one of their […]

 While I hate pulling blogger speak by throwing “kool-aid” in my title, I couldn’t resist. Well, today is a festive fist pump friday. Holiday spirit alone warrants its own fist pump, but there’s a couple other exciting things going on… My last post was on poor customer service and the insurance industry. I had secretly […]

So surprised this wasn’t constituted sooner! The mission has landed-we’ll see if takes off. Thanks for the heads, Mack.

In the midst of Chris Anderson’s “hey PR, get your junk together” blog topic (and the comment storm following), this comic relief (and great insight) was refreshing: This one goes out to Brian Solis’ LOL cats…Thank you kind sir. Additionally, Angie getting her guns in Wanted is fist pump worthy. Trailer.

RADIOHEAD goes platinum selling over 1.2 million copies. What about the cover art for those that did participate in the revolutionary download? Voila: back Thanks to Green Plastic.

I’m a fist pumper, and this is my ode to all things good…especially Friday.   Each Friday will be brought to you by exciting buzz, and a first pump-or many. I’m so excited that I’ve started 2 days early.

Radiohead. I can’t deny my favor for Thom, and the boys. Especially their unique ways of distribution. “In Rainbows”  (album #7) will be released on the 10th and you, the consumer, name the price.

go team i’m back, and there’s nothing worse than being told it was bound to happen. i figured to jump on the social media binge, better kick start my own own ranting again. How bout Linkedin allowing individuals to add photos. ’bout time. Call me vain, but if i was in HR that would’ve been […]